Top Tip #12 – Battery back-up when you’re on the road

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If you love going off-road or on long road-trips, you’ll love this tip for being ready for a dreaded flat battery. This is not a new idea but it’s simple and can save you a lot of time and inconvenience.

Most people who go offroad, tow a camper/caravan or boat, have a dual battery system fitted to their vehicle. This extra battery is usually used for a fridge, winch or even connected to an inverter for 240v power. We are no different, ours is a Redarc system with an isolator. Our Main battery can never be dis-charged by the fridge or any auxiliary power.

BUT, what happens if your main battery dies? I can guarantee it won’t happen in your driveway at home. It happened to us on the side of the road near Kununurra on a hot day with the wife and kids on board.

Simple Solution: fortunately, I have a toggle switch fitted adjacent the steering column that when flicked allows both battery’s to be connected as one, just like using a set of jumper leads. You simply flick the switch and your spare or dual battery is connected and can then be used to re-start your vehicle and get you going almost immediately!!

Have a chat to your local Auto Electrician and I’m sure they will be happy to fit something like this for you.

Have you been caught in the outback with a flat battery? Tell us how you got out of it or if you have any tips you’d like to share, in the comments section below.

CapHat® Sun Protection – have fun!

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