CapHat® Outback

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CapHat® Outback has been designed to fit over a large broad brim style hat as well as a cap. It has an integrated drop down fly/midgie mesh that can be used as required and rolled up when not needed. The CapHat® Outback protects like an Original CapHat® but also keeps the insects away too!

Made from UPF tested Australian  Coolmesh® material with grip tabs for wind or glare.



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CapHat® is the ultimate sun-protection you add to your favourite cap.

CapHat® provides full protection for your nose, ears and neck and slips over your favourite cap.

Made from UPF tested Australian Coolmesh® material, CapHats® have been independently tested and rated as excellent sun protection.

It is ‘one-size-fits-all’ with fully adjustable toggles to ensure a neat fit. It also features velcro attachments which you can use to secure the ‘flaps’ in windy conditions. Dip it in water before use in really hot conditions and you have your own evaporative cooler!

Perfect for land or water, fishing, kayaking, gardening or just enjoying the outdoors. Where will you wear your CapHat®?