BogBags™ (set of 12)

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BogBags™ are one of the simplest, lightest, most inexpensive and compact offroad accessories you can carry on any trip to help you out of a bog. BogBags™ come as a set of 12.

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BogBags™, released in Australia in 2012, are the lightest and most compact off-road accessory you can carry on any trip to help you out of a bog.

If you love seeing the city in your rear vision mirror as much as us grab a set of 12, throw them into your vehicle and leave them there for some cheap ‘insurance’. If you get bogged, grab your BogBags™, add a few kilo’s of whatever you’re bogged in to each BogBag, dig ramps from the bottom of each wheel, then place the BogBags™ in front of each wheel up the ramps you’ve dug. Make sure your tyres are lowered 20psi or less and that the underbelly of the vehicle is clear before engaging low range (if possible) then slowly apply power and you will raise your vehicle from the bog. Repeat as necessary until you are back on solid ground.

Check out the demonstration below to see how they’re used with your own eyes!