Top Tip #6 — Keeping your bait on when fishing!

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Have you ever been fishing, cast out and the bait has flown off before it hit the water? Check out this simple solution! Perfect for securing large baits in surf.

We filmed this on the far west coast of South Australia, chasing Mulloway off the beach.

Don’t lose your bait again, with this TopTip!

CapHat Sun Protection. Have fun!


P.S. We left the big ones there for you!

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Comments 3

  1. Hello Bernie, thanks for an awesome tip. I’ll keep in my mind the tip you showed in the video. Most important I appreciate for keeping the big ones, that’s why when I went to fishing I caught some big fishes the other day. 😉

  2. When I fish I like to use worms. The only issue that has been for me is that the worm usually with come off. I would like to learn some tips on how to prevent that. I like your idea of using the fishing string to tie around the bait.

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